Attending the Masala! Awards 2017.

DUBAI: The Masala! Awards held at the Bollywood Parks in Dubai, UAE, were a star studded glam-filled event. Presented by the eloquent Boman Irani, the awards showcased performances by Anita Lokhande and superstar Govinda who enthralled the audiences with their mesmerising dance moves.

The Asian community in the UAE is strong, vibrant and capable. There are few ventures in which Pakistani and Indian artists come together to perform and interact with each other. Masala! Awards hosts these celebrities every year to bring together the best of the Asian community and help Pakistani and Indian celebrities to get together – something which cannot happen regularly due to the tense circumstances between the two states.

Mahira Khan said about the experience of attending Masala! Awards, “The team at Masala has always been very kind. Above and beyond the awards, the way we are looked after is why we return!”

For full article, click on this link.

Masala! Awards coverage for Express Tribune.

Mahira Khan and Mahwash Ajaz
Mahira Khan and Mahwash (with Seher in the bg) at Masala Awards.
Mahwash Ajaz at Masala Awards.
Mahwash Ajaz and Boman Irani at Masala Awards 2017.


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