Qazi Wajid – culmination of an era

The golden age of television is dead, they say. There is streaming, multiplexes, web series that speak volumes about the many ways standard programming has irrevocably brought on new tides when it comes to entertainment and how it is consumed. An era of Pakistani television also came to a sad and tragic end with the death of the esteemed veteran actor Qazi Wajid.

If you were a child growing up in the 80s and 90s, you listened to ‘cassette kahanis’ – little audio books that were filled with stories for children. From Sindbad The Sailor to Jack And The Beanstalk, stories for children were translated in Urdu and read out by famous radio and voice actors such as Najma Khatoon, Zeenat Yasmin and Wajid himself. Wajid would play out all kinds of roles whether it was the sage old man or the evil villain – most of us remember his voice featuring in a large part of our childhood.

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