Interview with Boman Irani

DUBAI:  Having starred in over 70 films, Boman Irani is no stranger to the performing arts. A known theatre actor and film artist, he has numerous hits to his name, as well as many award nominations.

Irani’s versatility is the shining merit of his career. The 58-year-old star is eloquent, articulate and charming both on and off screen, as The Express Tribune learnt while chatting with the actor in Dubai recently. “I’m normally very lazy. I have to compensate with a lot of energy,” Irani responds, when asked about hosting the Masala Awards back in December 2017.

Dressed in a dark suit, Irani sure has a presence. He talks with a big smile and a lot of focus at the same time. “When you’re working, I think all your faculties should be together. That’s why I don’t like sitting down before a show,” he says about performing onstage. “It’s all physical. Your voice shouldn’t settle down, your flow should be there, the eyes should have a brightness to them. I feel a lack of energy means your mind is shutting down. And I’m not happy in that situation… when you do not have energy before a show.”

Read more here.

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